Hasbro Indiana Jones Adventure series of action figures Checklist

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Action Figures Checklist
Indiana Jones (Club Obi Wan)Target2023$24.99
Indiana Jones (Professor)2023$24.99
Indiana Jones (Temple Escape)Pulse2023$39.99
Indiana Jones (Map Room)Target2023$24.99
Marcus Brody & Rene Belloq (Ark Showdown)2023$55.99
Walter Donovan2023$24.99
Indiana Jones (Raiders of The Lost Ark)12023$24.99
Major Arnold Toht12023$24.99
Marion Ravenwood12023$24.99
Rene Belloq (Ceremonial)12023$24.99
Helena Shaw (Dial of Destiny)22023$24.99
Indiana Jones (Cairo)22023$33.99
Indiana Jones (Dial of Destiny)22023$24.99
Indiana Jones (Hypnotized)22023$24.99
Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom)22023$24.99
Short Round22023$24.99
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