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Welcome to the G.I. Joe Classified Visual and action figure Price Guides. Dedicated to providing the most detailed information about the G.I. Joe and Cobra action figures and vehicles.

2020 Classified Series

View price and visual guides for the G.I. Joe Classified 6" action figures from Hasbro. Prices are for figures that are MISB and are not AFA graded.

The G.I. Joe Classified Series evolves the characters fans know and love into a highly articulated 6-inch scale with premium deco and detailing.

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2020 Retro Collection

View price and visual guides for the G.I. Joe Retrol Collection 3.75" action figures and vehicles from Hasbro.

G.I. Joe Retro 3.75-inch-scale figures and vehicles are presented in packaging that features original retro Hasbro branding.

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