About this site

It all started with trying to figure out a way of calculating the "going price" of Orange Series 6" Black Series figures. I would do some manual calculations of sold auction prices, copy them into a spreadsheet and then share with the group. Obviously very tedious, but I thought the data was very interesting.

In January, 2016 I launched this site that would dynamically query sold auctions.. The goal was to see the current average selling price for figures. Since then it has expanded to include all variations, related items, Walmart in store finder, Amazon Prime checker and more to come.

Unrelated to toy collecting/star wars, it's help reinforce my professional career. For such a niche site that gets such few visits, I have it highly optimized. Some features are that it's hosted in the Amazon cloud, bootstrap responsive enabled, SEO optimzed and built for speed. The goal for me is to build a site that loads instantly, uses little computing power . To do that is not actually that easy and involves a lot of technology. I'll be interesting to see how it scales as I have it on a minimal Amazon VPC configuration right now.

In October 2017 I moved the site off my personal domain of fperkins.com to actionfigure411.com. This allowed me to easily branch off to new genres in Marvel Legends and Transformers as well as continue to expand the Star Wars Black Series section where it all started.

In 2020 Hasbro released the G.I. Joe Classified 6" line of action figures and was easily added to the existing site.

In 2021 the Star Wars Vintage Collection, Vintage Kenner Series and Classic G.I. Joe figures from 1982. Masters of the Universe Origins added in 2021. TMNT and Power Rangers added in June 2021.

Auction Calculations
For a history of how the project progressed, check out the version notes. Also check out the global stats.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site or found something wrong please let me know! Happy hunting and collecting!