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Transformers Masterpiece

Name Genre Group
Luke Skywalker Electronic X-Wing Pilot HelmetStar WarsHelmets
Boba Fett HelmetStar WarsHelmets
Hoth Rebel TrooperStar WarsExclusives
Wedge AntillesStar WarsForce Awakens 2015-2018
Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)Star WarsForce Awakens 2015-2018
First Order StormtrooperStar WarsForce Awakens 2015-2018
Offworld JawaStar WarsForce Awakens 2015-2018
Second Sister Inquisitor (Graphite)Star WarsExclusives
Second Sister InquisitorStar WarsForce Awakens 2015-2018
The MandalorianStar WarsForce Awakens 2015-2018

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