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Star Wars

Star Wars Black Series visual and price guides including specialized guides for Force Friday, Knockoffs, Variations and a By Movie Checklist. Daily updates to track prices of Amazon Prime and eBay. 1237 figures are tracked daily!

Star Wars Black Series

Marvel Legends

ToyBiz and Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures visual and price guides for Exclusives, BAF and sets. Amazon Prime figure finder is updated daily. 1100 heroes are tracked daily!

Marvel Legends


Hasbro, Takara and Special Edition Masterpiece Transformer visual and price guides. Easily see all items for sale at the eBay Aggregator. 138 bots are tracked daily!

Transformers Masterpiece

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Classified visual and price guides. Retro price and visual guides. A Real American Hero classic price and visual guides. 314 soldiers and Amazon deals are tracked daily!

G.I. Joe Classified

Masters of the Universe

Master of the Universe Origins visual and price guides for figures and playsets released in 2020. See a summary of Amazon deals. 257 warriors are tracked daily!

Masters of the Universe

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NECA visual and price guides, Super7 visual and price guides and Playmates visual and price guides. See a summary of Amazon deals. 116 turtles are tracked daily!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Power Rangers

View price and visual guides for the Power Rangers Lightning Action figures. 115 rangers are tracked daily!

Power Rangers hero image


View price and visual guides for the DC Multiverse McFarlane and Mattel Action figures. 273 super friends are tracked daily!

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Name Genre Group
Mighty Morphin Dino MegazordPower RangersExclusives
Zeo CogPower RangersLightning Action Figures
Dino Fury Red RangerPower RangersLightning Action Figures
Dino Charge Pink RangerPower RangersLightning Action Figures
Wild Force Lunar Wolf RangerPower RangersLightning Action Figures
Mighty Morphin PirantisheadPower RangersMonsters
In Space Blue Ranger and Galaxy GliderPower RangersExclusives
Galaxy Edge - Droid DepotStar WarsExclusives
Galaxy Edge - First Order (General Hux)Star WarsExclusives
Galaxy Edge - Galactic CreaturesStar WarsExclusives

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