G.I. Joe 3.75" Retro Collection of action figures and vehicles exclusive to Walmart.

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3.75 Retro Action Figures chart
Baroness (up arrow $3.12) 1202016$12.99$27.11+$14.12$35.00$17.50
Snake Eyes 1202012$12.99$18.26+$5.27$26.99$10.50
Storm Shadow 120207$12.99$26.70+$13.71$30.00$21.95
Cobra Commander 3202017$12.99$12.97$-0.02$19.50$4.25
Duke 3202011$12.99$15.04+$2.05$28.99$7.50
Lady Jaye 320203$12.99$10.99$-2.00$14.97$6.00
Destro 2202114$12.99$18.67+$5.68$24.99$9.99
Roadblock 220219$12.99$21.80+$8.81$30.00$8.50
Scarlett 2202119$12.99$48.84+$35.85$64.99$29.51
Cobra Officer 420217$12.99$9.50$-3.49$16.00$5.50
Cobra Trooper 420219$12.99$11.22$-1.77$22.00$5.00
Grunt 420218$12.99$12.49$-0.50$19.99$8.50
Stalker (down arrow $-10.27) 4202110$12.99$12.97$-0.02$42.00$5.00
Cobra Officer & Cobra Trooper (O-Ring) Pulse20228$41.99$38.59$-3.40$50.00$22.00
Duke vs Cobra Commander (O-Ring) Pulse20228$41.99$35.80$-6.19$65.88$27.50
Scarlett (HasLab) HasLab202215$0.00$41.63+$41.63$49.99$28.00
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow (O-Ring) 1202231$39.99$63.81+$23.82$84.99$32.00
Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
3.75 Retro Vehicles chart
A.W.E. Striker 120208$24.99$23.95$-1.04$35.00$11.50
H.I.S.S. Tank (up arrow $3.56) 120209$24.99$29.60+$4.61$40.00$19.99
H.I.S.S. Tank III Walmart202116$24.86$21.39$-3.47$34.99$8.00
Cobra F.A.N.G. 220218$24.99$21.30$-3.69$26.20$12.27
Stinger 202232$33.99$69.27+$35.28$89.99$39.99
Skystriker (down arrow $-26.13) HasLab202332$229.99$331.15+$101.16$400.00$181.00
Total Retail: $656.65 Total Market: $923.05 Diff: +$266.40
save Total Retail: $656.65 Market Value: $923.05 Diff: +$266.40
exclamation: These figures might contain reproductions or cheaper knockoffs.
variation: These figures have variations.
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