Cobra Commander
  • Cobra Commander

    Every Good Story Needs A Villain, And Cobra Commander Is The Kind Of Egomaniacal Archvillain Legends Are Made Of. Accessories: 2 interchangeable heads. Toy accurate head. Animation accurate head (silver stripe on top). 10 interchangeable hands. 2x Fist hands. 2x Rifle/Binocular Grip hands. 2x Pistol Grip hands. 1x Open hand. 1x Pointing hand. 1x Clenched Right Scepter hand. 1x Snake/Globe hand. Soft goods red cape. Rifle. Commander pistol. Alternate pistol. Snake scepter. Remote detonator. Cobra binoculars. High freq gun. Synthoid neutralizer.
  • Wave: 1 Year: 2021 Retail: $55.00
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