The Kenner toy company produced a line of Star Wars action figures based on characters in the original Star Wars movie trilogy. They were produced starting in 1977 and ended in 1985 with the POTF line. These guides are for AFA and MOC graded action figures.

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# Name Avg Diff
Star Wars
C-3PO $809.99+$808.00
Chewbacca $679.00+$677.01
Death Squad Commander $0.00
Han Solo $0.00
Jawa $0.00
Luke Skywalker $985.00+$983.01
Obi-Wan Kenobi $0.00
Princess Leia $800.00+$798.01
R2-D2 $999.99+$998.00
Sand People $680.00+$678.01
Stormtrooper $0.00
Darth Vader $769.00+$767.01
Death Star Droid $0.00
Greedo $0.00
Hammerhead $810.00+$808.01
Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot $0.00
Power Droid $880.00+$878.01
R5-D4 $688.64+$686.65
Snaggletooth $539.00+$537.01
Walrus Man $809.00+$807.01
Boba Fett $0.00
: These figures might contain reproductions or cheaper knockoffs.
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