3.75" G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles Checklist

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3.75" Action Figures Checklist
Breaker (Communications Officer)11982$2.99
Cobra Officer11982$2.99
Flash (Laser Rifle Trooper)11982$2.99
Grunt (Infantry Trooper)11982$2.99
Rock N Roll (Machine Gunner)11982$2.99
Scarlett (Counter Intelligence)11982$2.99
Short-Fuze (Mortar Soldier)11982$2.99
Snake Eyes (Commando)11982$2.99
Stalker (Ranger)11982$2.99
Zap (Bazooka Soldier)11982$2.99
Breaker (Communications Officer) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Cobra - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Cobra Commander - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Cobra Officer - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Flash (Laser Rifle Trooper) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Grunt (Infantry Trooper) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Rock N Roll (Machine Gunner) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Scarlett (Counter Intelligence) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Short-Fuze (Mortar Soldier) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Snake Eyes (Commando) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Stalker (Ranger) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Zap (Bazooka Soldier) - Swivel1.51983$2.25
Airborne (Helicopter Assault Trooper)21983$2.25
Doc (Medic)21983$2.25
Gung-Ho (Marine)21983$2.25
Major Bludd (Mercenary)21983$2.25
Snow Job (Artic Trooper)21983$2.25
Torpedo (SEAL)21983$2.25
Tripwire (Mine Detector)21983$2.25
Baroness (Cobra Intelligence Officer)31984$2.25
Blowtorch (Flamethrower)31984$2.25
Firefly (Cobra Saboteur)31984$2.25
Mutt (Dog Handler)31984$2.25
Recondo (Jungle Trooper)31984$2.25
Ripcord (Halo Jumper)31984$2.25
Roadblock (Heavy Machine Gunner)31984$2.25
Scrap-Iron (Cobra Anti-Armor Specialist)31984$2.25
Spirit (Tracker)31984$2.25
Storm Shadow (Cobra Ninja)31984$2.25
Airtight (Hostile Environment)41985$2.29
Alpine (Mountain Trooper)41985$2.29
Barbecue (Fire Fighter)41985$2.29
Bazooka (Missile Specialist)41985$2.29
Buzzer (Dreadnok)41985$2.29
Crimson Guard (Cobra Elite Trooper)41985$2.29
Dusty (Desert Trooper)41985$2.29
Eels (Cobra Frogman)41985$2.29
Flint (Warrant Officer)41985$2.29
Footloose (Infantry Trooper)41985$2.29
Lady Jaye (Covert Operations)41985$2.29
Quick Kick (Silent Weapons)41985$2.29
Ripper (Dreadnok)41985$2.29
Shipwreck (Sailor)41985$2.29
Snake Eyes (Commando)41985$2.29
Snow Serpent (Cobra Polar Assault)41985$2.29
Tele Viper (Cobra Communications)41985$2.29
Tomax and Xamot (Crimson Guard Commanders)41985$4.29
Torch (Dreaknok)41985$2.29
Beach Head (Ranger)51986$2.35
Dial-Tone (Communications)51986$2.35
Hawk (G.I. Joe Commander)51986$2.35
Iceberg (Snow Trooper)51986$2.35
Leatherneck (Marine)51986$2.35
Lifeline (Rescue Trooper)51986$2.35
Low-Light (Night Spotter)51986$2.35
Mainframe (Computer Specialist)51986$2.35
Dr. Mindbender (Master of Mind Control)51986$2.35
Monkeywrench (Dreadnok)51986$2.35
Roadblock (Heavy Machine Gunner - v2)51986$2.35
Sci-Fi (Laser Trooper)51986$2.35
B.A.T.S. (Cobra Android Trooper)51986$2.35
Vipers (Cobra Infantry)51986$2.35
Wet-Suit (Seals)51986$2.35
Zandar (Zartan's Brother)51986$2.35
Zarana (Zartan's Sister)51986$2.35

3.75" Vehicles Checklist
FLAK (Field Light Attack Cannon)11982$4.99
HAL (Heavy Artillery Laser)11982$8.99
JUMP (Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit)11982$4.99
Cobra Missile Command Headquarters11982$10.99
MMS (Mobile Missile System)11982$8.99
MOBAT (Motorized Battle Tank)11982$19.99
RAM (Rapid Fire Motorcycle)11982$4.99
VAMP (Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle)11982$8.99
APC (Amphibious Personnel Carrier)21983$8.99
F.A.N.G. (Gyrocopter)21983$2.99
H.I.S.S. (Tank)21983$5.99
Dragonfly (XH-1)21983$8.99
Falcon (Attack Glider)21983$3.99
Flame Thrower (PAC/RAT)21983$1.99
Headquarters Command Center21983$24.99
JUMP (Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit)21983$3.99
Machine Gun (PAC/RAT)21983$1.99
Missile Launcher (PAC/RAT)21983$1.99
Polar Battle Bear (Skimobile)21983$2.99
S.N.A.K.E. (Battle Armor)21983$2.49
Skystriker (XP-14F Combat Jet)21983$14.99
Viper (Attack Glider)21983$3.99
Whirlwind (Twin Battle Gun)21983$2.99
Wolverine (Armored Missile Vehicle)21983$5.99
Bivouac (Battle Station)31984$2.29
Chameleon (Swamp Skier)31984$3.99
A.S.P. (Assault System Pod)31984$3.99
C.L.A.W. (Covert Light Aerial Weapon)31984$1.99
S.H.A.R.C. (Submersible High-Speed Attack Reconnaissance Craft)31984$6.49
Killer W.H.A.L.E. (Warrior Hovering Assault Launching Envoy)31984$17.99
Machine Gun Defense Unit31984$2.29
Missile Defense Unit31984$2.29
Mortar Defense Unit31984$2.29
Mountain Howitzer (Battle Station)31984$2.29
Rattler (Ground Attack Jet)31984$9.99
Sky Hawk (Vertical Take-Off Landing Aircraft)31984$2.99
Slugger (Self Propelled Cannon)31984$6.49
Stinger (Night Attack 4-WD)31984$6.49
VAMP Mark II (Attack Vehicle)31984$6.49
VAMP & HAL31984$6.49
Watch Tower (Battle Station)31984$2.29
Water Moccasin31984$6.49
Air Defense (Battle Station)41985$2.39
Armadillo (Mini Tank)41985$3.29
Bomb Disposal41985$2.29
Bridge Layer (Toss N Cross)41985$9.49
Check Point (Battle Station)41985$2.39
Cobra Bunker (Battle Station)41985$2.39
Ferret (ATV)41985$3.29
U.S.S. Flagg (Aircraft Carrier)41985$89.99
Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble)41985$2.29
Mauler M.B.T. Tank (Manned Battle Tank)41985$16.99
S.M.S. (Sentry and Missile System)41985$9.99
Moray (Hydrofoil)41985$13.99
Night Landing (Raft)41985$2.99
S.N.A.K.E (Battle Armor)41985$2.39
Silver Mirage (Motorcycle)41985$3.29
Snow Cat41985$6.49
A.W.E. Striker41985$6.49
C.A.T. (Crimson Attack Tank)41985$11.99
Transportable Tactical Battle Platform41985$11.99
Weapon Transport41985$2.29
Air Chariot51986$6.99
Conquest X-3051986$17.99
Dreadnok Air Assault51986$9.99
Dreadnok Ground Assault51986$9.99
Dreadnok Swampfire51986$6.99
Dreadnok Thunder Machine51986$9.99
Night Raven51986$22.99
L.C.V. Recon Sled (Low Crawl Vehicle)51986$6.99
Terror Drome51986$56.99
Triple T (Tag Team Terminator)51986$10.99

3.75" Accessories Checklist
Battle Gear (Accessory Pack)21983$1.99
Collector Display Case21983$3.99
Accessory Pack #3 (Battle Gear)41985$2.39
Ammo Dump Unit (Battlefield Accessories)41985$2.39
Forward Observer Unit (Battlefield Accessories)41985$2.39
Rifle Range Unit (Battlefield Accessories)41985$2.39