G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Muskrat (Swamp Fighter) & Voltar (Destro General)
  • G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Muskrat (Swamp Fighter) & Voltar (Destro General)

    Muskrat spent his formative years up to his knees in one swamp or another, hunting raccoon, possum and wild pig. He was able to hold his own against poachers, 'gator skinners, moonshiners, escapees from the chain gangs, and smugglers. Ranger school and JWTC seemed like summer camp to him. As far as he was concerned, they weren't teaching him anything exotic at all!

    Voltar was an extremely successful mercenary commander. In fact, he was too successful for his continued presence to be tolerated by the provisional governments, revolutionary councils and military dictatorships that employed him. He could pluck victory from seemingly imminent defeat in complete defiance of the odds, always just one step ahead of disaster, never looking back. Winners never look back.

    Target Exclusive.
  • Wave: 7

    Year: 1988

    Retail: $5.99 Series: A Real American Hero Group: 3.75" Action Figures
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This Muskrat (Swamp Fighter) & Voltar (Destro General) toy was added on April 2023 and originally released in 1988 with a retail price of $5.99. This action figure is part of the G.I. Joe genre within the A Real American Hero series and included in Wave 7. This toy currently has no recent price history so it's not possible to determine the worth. Only 5 of these items are in user collections, but since it is a vintage item that is 35 years old, it may be harder to find.

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