G.I. Joe 6" Classified Series Techno-Viper
  • G.I. Joe 6" Classified Series Techno-Viper

    Modern battles involve expensive, complicated machines, and it is inevitable that these machines sustain enemy-inflicted damage, succumb to driver-error, or simply break down of their own accord. It is the mission of the Techno-Vipers to provide field maintenance support and combat-engineer capability to the frontline Cobra troops.

    This Techno-Viper figure contains 8 character-inspired accessory pieces including field backpack with connector hose, power wrench, power claw, power hammer, attachable holographic projection, and 2 weapon accessories.
  • Figure Number: 117

    Year: 2024

    Retail: $24.99 UPC: 5010996216687 Series: 6" Classified Series Group: Classified
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This Techno-Viper toy was added on December 2023 and originally released in 2024 with a retail price of $24.99. This action figure is part of the G.I. Joe genre within the 6" Classified Series and is number 117. It can be found online by using the following codes: UPC: 5010996216687, and on eBay (#ad). This toy currently has no recent price history so it's not possible to determine the worth. Hundreds of collectors have this toy (183) in their user collections, so it does seem to be very popular.

Techno-Vipers are Cobra technicians who specialize in advanced technology, electronic warfare, and battlefield communication systems. They play a crucial role in maintaining and operating Cobra's high-tech equipment on the battlefield.

Techno-Vipers typically wear distinctive purple and blue suits with a helmet that features a visor and communication equipment. They are armed with a variety of advanced technological tools and weapons, including a laser pistol.

Techno-Vipers are skilled in electronics, communications, and the operation of sophisticated Cobra machinery. They are often responsible for setting up and maintaining Cobra's surveillance and communication systems on the battlefield.

Beyond their technical expertise, Techno-Vipers are often portrayed as Cobra troopers who play a vital role in the organization's overall strategy. They are responsible for ensuring that Cobra's high-tech weapons and equipment function properly, giving Cobra a technological advantage on the battlefield.

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