G.I. Joe - Action Figure Value Stats - 25th Anniversary

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Total number of auctions reviewed: 69845
Total items reviewed: 702

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Tiger Rat (Wild Bill)Tiger Rat (Wild Bill)$24.99$205.16+$180.173Vehicles
Cobra Rattler (Wild Weasel)Cobra Rattler (Wild Weasel)$49.99$220.24+$170.258Vehicles
Sgt. SlaughterSgt. Slaughter$9.99$159.14+$149.154Exclusives
Dreadknok ZaranaDreadknok Zarana$9.99$133.79+$123.805Exclusives
Conquest X-30 (LT. Slip Stream)Conquest X-30 (LT. Slip Stream)$24.99$140.24+$115.254Vehicles
Conquest X-30 (Python Patrol Viper)Conquest X-30 (Python Patrol Viper)$24.99$135.33+$110.343Vehicles
Sting Raider (Copperhead)Sting Raider (Copperhead)$15.99$86.25+$70.264Vehicles
F.L.A.K. Cannon vs Cobra C.L.A.W.F.L.A.K. Cannon vs Cobra C.L.A.W.$15.99$80.30+$64.314Vehicles
Ghost Hawk (Lift Ticket)Ghost Hawk (Lift Ticket)$15.99$77.18+$61.196Vehicles
Tomax and XamotTomax and Xamot$9.99$67.24+$57.254Comic Packs
Vamp Jeep (Double Clutch)Vamp Jeep (Double Clutch)$15.99$71.66+$55.676Vehicles
Destro (Pimp Daddy - Gold Head)Destro (Pimp Daddy - Gold Head)$9.99$58.82+$48.836Exclusives
Cobra Commander (Black Suit)Cobra Commander (Black Suit)$5.99$51.37+$45.388Exclusives
Specialist TrakkerSpecialist Trakker$5.99$43.66+$37.676Action Figures
Night Specter (Grand Slam)Night Specter (Grand Slam)$9.99$42.29+$32.305Vehicles
Nemesis Immortal vs FalconNemesis Immortal vs Falcon$9.99$44.09+$34.107Comic Packs
Sgt. StalkerSgt. Stalker$5.99$28.88+$22.8910Action Figures
BlowtorchBlowtorch$5.99$30.62+$24.634Action Figures
Sgt. BazookaSgt. Bazooka$5.99$32.41+$26.426Action Figures
Storm Shadow (v1)Storm Shadow (v1)$5.99$31.95+$25.969Action Figures

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Sgt. SlaughterSgt. Slaughter$9.991493%$159.14+$149.154Exclusives
Dreadknok ZaranaDreadknok Zarana$9.991239%$133.79+$123.805Exclusives
Cobra Commander (Black Suit)Cobra Commander (Black Suit)$5.99758%$51.37+$45.388Exclusives
Tiger Rat (Wild Bill)Tiger Rat (Wild Bill)$24.99721%$205.16+$180.173Vehicles
Specialist TrakkerSpecialist Trakker$5.99629%$43.66+$37.676Action Figures
Tomax and XamotTomax and Xamot$9.99573%$67.24+$57.254Comic Packs
Destro (Pimp Daddy - Gold Head)Destro (Pimp Daddy - Gold Head)$9.99489%$58.82+$48.836Exclusives
Conquest X-30 (LT. Slip Stream)Conquest X-30 (LT. Slip Stream)$24.99461%$140.24+$115.254Vehicles
Conquest X-30 (Python Patrol Viper)Conquest X-30 (Python Patrol Viper)$24.99442%$135.33+$110.343Vehicles
Sgt. BazookaSgt. Bazooka$5.99441%$32.41+$26.426Action Figures
Sting Raider (Copperhead)Sting Raider (Copperhead)$15.99439%$86.25+$70.264Vehicles
Storm Shadow (v1)Storm Shadow (v1)$5.99433%$31.95+$25.969Action Figures
Cobra Commander (Battle Armor)Cobra Commander (Battle Armor)$5.99423%$31.31+$25.329Action Figures
BlowtorchBlowtorch$5.99411%$30.62+$24.634Action Figures
F.L.A.K. Cannon vs Cobra C.L.A.W.F.L.A.K. Cannon vs Cobra C.L.A.W.$15.99402%$80.30+$64.314Vehicles
Ghost Hawk (Lift Ticket)Ghost Hawk (Lift Ticket)$15.99383%$77.18+$61.196Vehicles
Sgt. StalkerSgt. Stalker$5.99382%$28.88+$22.8910Action Figures
Gung-HoGung-Ho$5.99379%$28.68+$22.698Action Figures
Spirit Iron KnifeSpirit Iron Knife$5.99371%$28.22+$22.2316Action Figures
FireflyFirefly$5.99368%$28.04+$22.058Action Figures

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
FireflySerpentor27110-03-2021Action Figures
FireflyShipwreck26409-29-2021Action Figures
FireflyB.A.T.24510-07-2021Action Figures
FireflySnake Eyes (White Timber)24009-29-2021Action Figures
FireflyBuzzer23809-29-2021Action Figures
FireflyBeachhead23710-03-2021Action Figures
FireflySnow Job23310-04-2021Action Figures
FireflyRed Ninja21909-29-2021Action Figures
FireflyMajor Bludd20610-03-2021Action Figures
FireflyDoc (Mail In)20110-05-2021Exclusives
FireflySpirit Iron Knife20010-01-2021Action Figures
FireflyCobra Air Trooper19210-10-2021Action Figures
FireflyCobra Commander (Hooded)19110-20-2021Action Figures
FireflySnow Serpent17510-06-2021Action Figures
FireflyFlint17409-29-2021Action Figures
FireflyLady Jaye16910-02-2021Action Figures
FireflyGung-Ho16210-02-2021Action Figures
FireflyCobra Viper16210-06-2021Action Figures
FireflyCobra Commander (Battle Armor)15909-29-2021Action Figures
FireflyCobra Para-Viper15710-11-2021Action Figures

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