Marvel Legends price guide for 90s Animated Series.

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90s Animated Series chart
Jean Grey 20226$27.99$24.82$-3.17$27.00$23.50
Morph 20225$27.99$29.58+$1.59$39.95$24.95
Mystique (up arrow $2.00) 202211$27.99$27.36$-0.63$39.99$14.00
Jubilee Pulse20224$26.99$47.00+$20.01$50.00$38.00
Mr. Sinister Pulse20222$26.99$25.00$-1.99$25.00$24.99
Storm Pulse20224$27.99$24.00$-3.99$27.99$22.00
Wolverine Pulse20226$26.99$53.97+$26.98$58.94$49.95
Cyclops 202310$27.99$35.59+$7.60$48.00$20.00
Doctor Octopus & Aunt May 20231$52.99$84.95+$31.96$84.95$84.95
Spider-Man & Carnage (down arrow $-4.00) 202311$52.99$60.63+$7.64$85.00$29.99
MJ Watson & Green Goblin recently addedPulse20231$52.99$79.99+$27.00$79.99$79.99
save Total Retail: $379.89 Market Value: $492.89 Diff: +$113.00
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