Marvel Legends price guide for 90s Animated Series.

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90s Animated Series chart
Jean Grey 20222$27.99$45.00+$17.01$45.00$45.00
Morph 20221$27.99$32.00+$4.01$32.00$32.00
Mystique (down arrow $-1.07) 20227$27.99$37.00+$9.01$44.99$25.00
Jubilee (up arrow $9.46) Pulse202214$26.99$45.52+$18.53$59.00$34.95
Mr. Sinister Pulse20222$26.99$37.00+$10.01$45.00$28.99
Storm Pulse20223$27.99$32.66+$4.67$40.00$24.99
Wolverine Pulse202219$26.99$39.21+$12.22$48.99$20.00
Cyclops 202321$27.99$40.94+$12.95$59.50$24.51
Spider-Man & Carnage 20230$52.99$0.00$0.00
Total Retail: $273.91 Total Market: $362.32 Diff: +$88.41
save Total Retail: $273.91 Market Value: $362.32 Diff: +$88.41
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