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Total number of auctions loaded: 139626
Total items tracked: 725

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
# Auc Name Group Name
1909MysterioSpider Man
1677Silver SurferExclusives
1117Green GoblinSpider Man
1085HelaThor: Ragnarok
1021Thor (Infinity War)Avengers: Infinity War
923Black PantherExclusives
887Deadpool Back in BlackExclusives
847AresThor: Ragnarok
824Red HulkExclusives

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Retail Avg Diff Name
$39.99$150.71+$110.72Dark Phoenix and Cyclops
$109.99$218.58+$108.59Book of Vishanti
$39.99$122.75+$82.76Deadpool & Warpath Fan Choice
$19.99$92.80+$72.81Spider Man
$19.99$83.87+$63.88War Machine
$19.99$78.82+$58.83Superior Venom
$19.99$74.04+$54.05Spider Man
$19.99$70.25+$50.26X-3 Juggernaut
$19.99$69.92+$49.93Spider Man 2099
$19.99$62.69+$42.70Miles Morales
$19.99$58.96+$38.97Spider-Verse - Ben Reilly
$19.99$57.90+$37.91Sauron (BAF)
$19.99$57.15+$37.16Ghost Rider - Johnny Blaze
$19.99$54.00+$34.01Black Panther
* Does not include BAF complete figures

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Retail % Value Diff Name
$19.99364%+$72.81Spider Man
$19.99320%+$63.88War Machine
$19.99294%+$58.83Superior Venom
$39.99277%+$110.72Dark Phoenix and Cyclops
$19.99270%+$54.05Spider Man
$19.99251%+$50.26X-3 Juggernaut
$19.99250%+$49.93Spider Man 2099
$19.99214%+$42.70Miles Morales
$39.99207%+$82.76Deadpool & Warpath Fan Choice
$19.99195%+$38.97Spider-Verse - Ben Reilly
$19.99190%+$37.91Sauron (BAF)
$19.99186%+$37.16Ghost Rider - Johnny Blaze
$19.99170%+$34.01Black Panther
$19.99165%+$33.01Dr Doom
* Does not include BAF complete figures

BAF Complete Figures
Avg # Auc Name Group
$98.997Kingpin (BAF)Spider Man
$56.9219Professor Hulk (BAF)Avengers: Endgame
$56.7230Super Skrull (BAF)Fantastic Four
$53.3428Demogoblin (BAF)Spider Man
$45.6212Wendigo (BAF)X-Men: X-Force
$39.498Vulture (BAF)Spiderman: Homecoming
$34.2010Caliban (BAF)X-Men
$26.477Molten Man (BAF)Spider Man: Far from Home
$57.908Sauron (BAF)Deadpool
$41.068Sasquatch (BAF)Deadpool

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