Below is a list of Marvel Legends Sets (non BAF). Mouse over the name to see an image of the figures or change the sort by clicking on the column heading.

Name sort Year sort # Figs sort
Spider Man Classics200011
Series 120025
Series 220026
Series 320025
Series 420035
Series 520037
Box Sets (Toybiz)20049
Series 620048
Series 720048
Series 820049
Series 11 - Legendary Riders200510
Face Off200612
Epic Heroes20137
Vintage Wave 120176
Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary201812
Ultimate Riders20189
Vintage Wave 220186
Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary201923
X-Men: Retro Collection201919
Marvel Comics 80th Anniv. (Retro)202011
Retro Kenner 3.75202042
Spider Man: Retro Collection202026
90s Animated Series20219
Fantastic Four: Retro Collection202110
Infinity Saga202110
Series 1 (20th Anniversary)20214
Iron Man: Retro Collection20222
Legacy Collection20226

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