Below is a list of Marvel Sets (non BAF). Mouse over the name to see an image of the figures or change the sort by clicking on the column heading.

Name Year # Figs
Series 120025
Series 220025
Series 320025
Series 420035
Series 520037
Box Sets (Toybiz)20049
Series 620047
Series 720048
Series 820049
Series 11 - Legendary Riders200510
Face Off200612
Epic Heroes20137
Vintage Wave 120176
Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary201812
Ultimate Riders20189
Vintage Wave 220186
Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary201923
X-Men: Retro Collection201911
Marvel Comics 80th Anniv. (Retro)20209
Retro Kenner 3.75202031
Spider Man: Retro Collection202022
90s Animated Series20213
Fantastic Four: Retro Collection20219
Infinity Saga202110
Series 1 (20th Anniversary)20213

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