Marvel Legends price guide for Arnim Zola BAF wave.

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Misc - Arnim Zola BAF chart
Arnim Zola (BAF) 2Complete20125$56.38$69.97$45.00
Captain America 2Right Leg20122$19.99$23.55+$3.56$23.99$23.10
Dark Wolverine 2Left Arm20122$19.99$32.50+$12.51$39.99$25.00
Dark Wolverine (Unmasked) 2Left Arm20120$19.99$0.00$0.00
Drax 2Left Leg20122$19.99$12.75$-7.24$15.50$10.00
Fantomex 2Right Arm20120$19.99$0.00$0.00
Madame Masque 2Torso20122$19.99$32.49+$12.50$34.99$29.99
Madame Viper 2Torso20121$19.99$39.95+$19.96$39.95$39.95
Piledriver 2Head20123$19.99$66.66+$46.67$79.99$59.99
Spider Man (White Suit) 220122$19.99$52.50+$32.51$59.99$45.00
Spider Man (Green Suit) 220120$19.99$0.00$0.00
Thunderball 2Head20122$19.99$117.50+$97.51$120.00$115.00
Total Retail: $219.89 Total Market: $437.87 Diff: +$217.98
save Total Retail: $219.89 Market Value: $437.87 Diff: +$217.98
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