Marvel Legends price guide for Avengers 60th Anniversary.

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Avengers 60th Anniversary chart
Gray Hulk and Dr. Bruce Banner 2 Pack 20230$59.99$0.00$0.00
Hawkeye with Sky-Cycle recently added20231$49.99$60.00+$10.01$60.00$60.00
Iron Man (Model 01) 20233$27.99$49.64+$21.65$50.97$48.97
Captain Marvel vs Doctor Doom 2 Pack 20230$49.99$0.00$0.00
Skrull Queen and Super-Skrull 2 Pack 20232$55.99$61.50+$5.51$68.00$55.00
Super-Adaptoid 20230$69.99$0.00$0.00
Thor vs Destroyer recently added20230$59.99$0.00$0.00
Black Knight and Sersi Amazon20230$49.99$0.00$0.00
Total Retail: $423.92 Total Market: $461.09 Diff: +$37.17
save Total Retail: $423.92 Market Value: $461.09 Diff: +$37.17
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