Marvel Legends price guide for Deadpool Sasquatch BAF wave.

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Deadpool - Sasquatch BAF chart
Cable (up arrow $3.17) 1Left Leg201811$19.99$45.54+$25.55$54.99$26.00
Deadpool (Red Costume) 120189$19.99$28.49+$8.50$57.95$16.00
Deadpool (X-Force) 1Head20188$19.99$29.22+$9.23$44.99$16.80
Deathlok 1Left Hand20188$19.99$24.73+$4.74$29.99$19.99
Domino 1Right Hand20187$19.99$21.42+$1.43$31.99$15.99
Paladin 1Right Leg20183$19.99$16.33$-3.66$18.99$14.00
Sasquatch (BAF) (down arrow $-8.20) 1Complete201816$58.43$75.00$31.00
X-23 1Torso20184$19.99$19.49$-0.50$24.99$14.00
Total Retail: $139.93 Total Market: $185.22 Diff: +$45.29
save Total Retail: $139.93 Market Value: $185.22 Diff: +$45.29
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