Marvel Legends price guide for Dr. Strange BAF series Dormammu.

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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Dr. Strange - Dormammu BAF
Astral Dr. Strange 1Mask20171$19.99$25.00+$5.01$25.00$25.00
Dormammu (BAF) 1Complete20177$79.71$129.99$18.00
Mystic Rivals - Enchantress 1Torso201713$19.99$24.34+$4.35$29.94$19.10
Iron Fist 1Cape20176$19.99$76.74+$56.75$99.99$54.99
Karl Mordo 1Leg20175$19.99$20.76+$0.77$27.89$14.99
Mystic Rivals - Nico Minoru 1Arm/Pants20176$19.99$23.73+$3.74$29.00$17.99
Dr. Strange 1Leg20172$19.99$67.50+$47.51$77.00$57.99
Masters of Magic - Dr. Strange 1Arm20177$19.99$43.69+$23.70$59.99$29.99
Masters of Magic - Brother Voodoo 1Arm20177$19.99$20.55+$0.56$26.00$14.00
Total Retail: $382.02 Diff: +$222.10
Total Retail: $159.92 Market Value: $382.02 Diff: +$222.10
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