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Fantastic Four: Retro Collection chart
Dr Doom (Retro) Fan202025$21.99$42.10+$20.11$55.00$20.50
High Evolutionary (Retro) 1202110$19.99$14.84$-5.15$19.99$9.00
Human Torch (Flame - Retro) 120214$19.99$24.22+$4.23$32.95$12.99
Invisible Woman (Blue Suit - Retro) 120216$19.99$13.00$-6.99$15.99$9.00
Mr. Fantastic (Retro) 120214$19.99$15.12$-4.87$19.99$10.00
Psycho Man (Retro) 120212$19.99$11.25$-8.74$12.00$10.49
The Thing (Retro) 120217$19.99$18.43$-1.56$27.95$7.59
Human Torch (Blue Suit - Retro) Pulse20220$22.99$0.00$0.00
Invisible Woman (Clear - Retro) Pulse20221$22.99$16.05$-6.94$16.05$16.05
Firelord (Retro) 20230$24.99$0.00$0.00
Total Retail: $212.90 Total Market: $202.99 Diff: $-9.91
save Total Retail: $212.90 Market Value: $202.99 Diff: $-9.91
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