Marvel Legends price guide for Fantastic Four Ronan BAF wave.

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Fantastic Four - Ronan BAF chart
Dr Doom 1Cape20072$19.99$35.75+$15.76$49.99$21.50
Human Torch 1Leg20071$19.99$12.50$-7.49$12.50$12.50
Invisible Woman 1Torso20071$19.99$44.99+$25.00$44.99$44.99
Mole Man 1Arm20072$19.99$40.50+$20.51$51.00$29.99
Mr Fantastic 1Hammer20072$19.99$97.50+$77.51$150.00$45.00
Namor 1Arm20071$19.99$40.00+$20.01$40.00$40.00
Ronan (BAF) 1Complete20073$73.99$99.99$42.00
Silver Surfer 1Leg20071$19.99$29.95+$9.96$29.95$29.95
Thing 1Head20072$19.99$21.36+$1.37$22.72$20.00
Total Retail: $159.92 Total Market: $322.55 Diff: +$162.63
save Total Retail: $159.92 Market Value: $322.55 Diff: +$162.63
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