Marvel Legends price guide for BAF series Giant Man.

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Name sort Wave sort BAF Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
Misc - Giant Man BAF chart
Ant Man 1Right Arm20062$19.99$46.50+$26.51$59.99$33.00
Captain Britain 1Right Leg20063$19.99$41.96+$21.97$50.89$35.00
Giant Man (BAF) (up arrow $67.22) 1Complete200610$237.69$320.00$169.99
Havok 1Left Leg20063$19.99$27.17+$7.18$32.00$22.50
Kitty Pryde 1Head20062$19.99$46.00+$26.01$50.00$42.00
Sabretooth 1Left Foot20066$19.99$23.00+$3.01$39.99$15.00
Sentry (Bearded) 1Left Arm20060$19.99$0.00$0.00
Sentry (Yellow Suit) 1Left Arm20061$19.99$29.99+$10.00$29.99$29.99
Thor 1Right Hand20069$19.99$53.00+$33.01$68.99$26.00
Warbird 1Torso20065$19.99$74.80+$54.81$98.99$35.00
Weapon X (Wolverine) 1Right Foot20066$19.99$36.08+$16.09$65.00$11.49
Weapon X (Burnt) 1Right Foot20063$19.99$18.32$-1.67$20.00$15.00
Total Retail: $219.89 Total Market: $416.81 Diff: +$196.92
save Total Retail: $219.89 Market Value: $416.81 Diff: +$196.92
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