Marvel Legends price guide for BAF series Mojo.

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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Misc - Mojo BAF
Baron Zemo (Unmasked) 14Head20062$19.99$30.00+$10.01$30.00$30.00
Baron Zemo 14Head20064$19.99$20.02+$0.03$26.00$14.50
Falcon (Open Vest) 14Stomach20062$19.99$39.50+$19.51$45.00$33.99
Falcon 14Stomach20063$19.99$34.63+$14.64$45.00$23.90
Iron Man 14Tentacle20069$19.99$38.54+$18.55$49.95$10.50
Iron Man (Gold) 14Tentacle20064$19.99$51.25+$31.26$55.00$50.00
Longshot 14Right Leg20065$19.99$17.79$-2.20$27.99$9.99
Luke Cage 14Left Leg200610$19.99$30.39+$10.40$48.00$13.50
Mojo (BAF) 14Complete20069$74.78$90.00$58.00
Psylocke 14Back20062$19.99$12.17$-7.82$16.99$7.35
Total Retail: $179.91 Total Market: $274.29 Diff: +$94.38
Total Retail: $179.91 Market Value: $274.29 Diff: +$94.38
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