Marvel Legends price guide for BAF series Onslaught.

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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Misc - Onslaught BAF
Abomination 13Left Arm20066$19.99$36.15+$16.16$45.00$26.00
Abomination (Melted Face) 13Left Arm20061$19.99$35.00+$15.01$35.00$35.00
Blackheart 13Left Leg20067$19.99$43.85+$23.86$54.99$24.99
Green Goblin 13Right Leg20069$19.99$35.11+$15.12$53.00$19.99
Green Goblin (Unmasked) 13Right Leg20063$19.99$25.66+$5.67$32.99$14.99
Lady Deathstrike 13Head20064$19.99$14.24$-5.75$19.99$8.00
Loki (Short Horns) 13Right Arm20067$19.99$25.64+$5.65$30.00$19.50
Loki (Long Horns) 13Right Arm20060$19.99$0.00$0.00
Onslaught (BAF) 13Complete20063$57.33$69.99$46.00
Pyro 13Torso20062$19.99$18.50$-1.49$20.00$16.99
Total Retail: $291.48 Diff: +$111.57
Total Retail: $179.91 Market Value: $291.48 Diff: +$111.57
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