Marvel Legends price guide for Series 1 (20th Anniversary).

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Series 1 (20th Anniversary) chart
Captain America (up arrow $1.87) 202219$31.99$44.18+$12.19$50.00$33.00
Hulk (down arrow $-4.80) 202212$44.99$44.91$-0.08$58.00$31.01
Iron Man 20229$31.99$20.94$-11.05$26.95$10.50
Toad 20222$33.99$21.49$-12.50$21.99$20.99
Total Retail: $142.96 Total Market: $131.52 Diff: $-11.44
save Total Retail: $142.96 Market Value: $131.52 Diff: $-11.44
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