Marvel Legends price guide for Series 3 .

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Series 3 chart
Daredevil 320029$19.99$18.94$-1.05$26.00$13.01
Ghost Rider 320026$19.99$63.33+$43.34$77.00$39.00
Magneto 320021$19.99$15.50$-4.49$15.50$15.50
Thor 320027$19.99$28.71+$8.72$34.99$20.00
Wolverine 320026$19.99$26.41+$6.42$32.00$21.50
Total Retail: $99.95 Total Market: $152.89 Diff: +$52.94
save Total Retail: $99.95 Market Value: $152.89 Diff: +$52.94
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