Marvel Legends price guide for Series 7.

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Series 7 chart
Apocalypse 720044$19.99$48.75+$28.76$60.00$35.00
Ghost Rider 720042$19.99$62.50+$42.51$65.00$59.99
Ghost Rider (Phasing) 720041$19.99$99.99+$80.00$99.99$99.99
Hawkeye 720046$19.99$43.20+$23.21$60.00$12.50
Silver Centurion Iron Man 720041$19.99$26.00+$6.01$26.00$26.00
Vision 720041$19.99$17.00$-2.99$17.00$17.00
Vision (Phasing) 720041$19.99$42.99+$23.00$42.99$42.99
Wolverine Weapon X 720048$19.99$30.71+$10.72$39.99$17.50
Total Retail: $159.92 Total Market: $371.14 Diff: +$211.22
save Total Retail: $159.92 Market Value: $371.14 Diff: +$211.22
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