Marvel Legends price guide for Spider Man BAF series Absorbing Man.

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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Spider Man - Absorbing Man BAF
Absorbing Man (BAF) 3Complete20166$50.58$69.50$32.00
Beetle 3Leg20163$19.99$12.99$-7.00$14.99$9.99
Spider-Verse - Ben Reilly 3Arm20164$19.99$84.75+$64.76$94.99$75.00
Jack O'Lantern 3Leg20167$19.99$28.96+$8.97$35.79$21.99
Morbius 3Arm20169$19.99$28.22+$8.23$35.00$16.50
Speed Demon 3Torso20168$19.99$16.37$-3.62$20.00$15.00
Spider Gwen ( $3.06) 3Weapon20167$19.99$37.99+$18.00$41.95$26.99
Venom 3Head201619$19.99$51.58+$31.59$79.99$26.00
Total Retail: $139.93 Total Market: $260.86 Diff: +$120.93
Total Retail: $139.93 Market Value: $260.86 Diff: +$120.93
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