Marvel Legends price guide for Spider Man Classics.

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Spider Man Classics chart
Man-Spider 120003$19.99$59.16+$39.17$77.99$29.50
Spider-Man (Red Costume) 120002$19.99$47.49+$27.50$47.99$46.99
Spider-Man (Black Costume) 120000$19.99$0.00$0.00
Venom 120002$19.99$36.50+$16.51$42.99$30.00
Daredevil (Red) 220015$19.99$23.53+$3.54$36.99$17.55
Daredevil (Yellow) 220011$19.99$75.00+$55.01$75.00$75.00
Rhino 220015$19.99$27.90+$7.91$30.00$24.99
Spider-Man (Classic) 220011$19.99$26.90+$6.91$26.90$26.90
Spider-Man (Battle Ravaged) 220010$19.99$0.00$0.00
Scarlet Spider KB Toys20010$19.99$0.00$0.00
Spider-Man 2099 KB Toys20014$19.99$362.25+$342.26$395.00$299.00
Total Retail: $219.89 Total Market: $718.70 Diff: +$498.81
save Total Retail: $219.89 Market Value: $718.70 Diff: +$498.81
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