Marvel Legends price guide for Spider Man BAF series Kingpin.

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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Spider Man - Kingpin BAF
Black Cat 1Right Arm20183$19.99$21.65+$1.66$25.00$14.99
Kingpin (BAF) 1Complete20183$102.66$118.00$94.99
Night Thrasher 1Left Leg20183$19.99$37.69+$17.70$40.00$34.99
Puma 1Torso20181$19.99$14.99$-5.00$14.99$14.99
Red Goblin 1Right Leg20188$19.99$42.38+$22.39$53.00$30.00
Silver Sable 1Left Arm20186$19.99$27.13+$7.14$35.00$20.67
Six Arm Spiderman 1None20180$19.99$0.00$0.00
Symbiote 1Head20185$19.99$39.69+$19.70$50.00$29.99
Total Retail: $286.19 Diff: +$146.26
Total Retail: $139.93 Market Value: $286.19 Diff: +$146.26
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