Marvel Legends price guide for Spiderman: No Way Home BAF series Armadillo.

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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Spiderman: No Way Home - Armadillo BAF
Armadillo (BAF) ( $-14.80) 1Complete202223$78.00$90.00$61.00
Doctor Strange 1Head202229$19.99$30.47+$10.48$42.99$12.50
J. Jonah Jameson 1Left Arm20229$19.99$24.49+$4.50$33.00$15.50
Miles Morales 1Right Leg202233$19.99$32.61+$12.62$41.00$11.50
Morlun 1Right Arm20225$19.99$24.50+$4.51$29.99$17.50
Shriek 1Torso20226$19.99$22.50+$2.51$34.99$17.25
Spider-Man (Black & Gold Suit) ( $3.34) 1Left Leg202228$19.99$26.21+$6.22$40.00$6.99
Spider-Man (Integrated Suit) 1202236$19.99$35.58+$15.59$47.00$27.99
Total Retail: $139.93 Total Market: $196.36 Diff: +$56.43
Total Retail: $139.93 Market Value: $196.36 Diff: +$56.43
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