Marvel Legends price guide for Ultimate Riders.

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Ultimate Riders chart
Black Widow & Motorcycle All20186$39.99$31.46$-8.53$45.00$19.99
Ghost Rider & Motorcycle (up arrow $8.50) All201816$39.99$155.19+$115.20$194.99$122.50
Wolverine & Motorcycle All20186$39.99$34.49$-5.50$50.00$18.99
Captain America & Motorcycle All20193$39.99$61.67+$21.68$70.00$50.00
Deadpool with Scooter All20198$39.99$55.75+$15.76$70.00$37.00
Professor X & Hover Chair All201915$39.99$74.66+$34.67$90.00$55.00
Cosmic Ghost Rider All202012$39.99$47.95+$7.96$60.00$37.99
The Punisher with Motorcycle All20207$39.99$52.57+$12.58$63.00$45.04
Squirrel Girl & Scooter All20201$39.99$19.99$-20.00$19.99$19.99
Total Retail: $359.91 Total Market: $533.73 Diff: +$173.82
save Total Retail: $359.91 Market Value: $533.73 Diff: +$173.82
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