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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
What If - Watcher BAF
Captain Carter ( $-3.31) 1Arms202114$22.99$23.06+$0.07$29.95$11.50
Doctor Strange Supreme 1Left Leg202112$22.99$25.13+$2.14$39.50$11.75
Heist Nebula 1Torso20215$22.99$15.70$-7.29$16.50$15.00
Sylvie 1Cape202112$22.99$21.44$-1.55$34.99$9.99
T'Challa Star-Lord 1Head202111$22.99$19.04$-3.95$34.99$9.25
The Watcher 1Complete202119$70.72$85.00$52.00
Zombie Captain America 1202117$22.99$25.10+$2.11$32.99$13.50
Zombie Hunter Spidey ( $4.72) 1Right Leg202130$22.99$30.53+$7.54$40.00$17.50
Captain Carter (Stealth Suit) Target20211$22.99$37.99+$15.00$37.99$37.99
Total Retail: $183.92 Total Market: $197.99 Diff: +$14.07
Total Retail: $183.92 Market Value: $197.99 Diff: +$14.07
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