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X-Men 20th Anniversary chart
X-Men Psylocke Nimrod Fantomex 3 Pack Amazon20207$79.99$62.42$-17.57$79.95$50.99
Wolverine (Days of Future Past) variationAmazon202010$24.99$59.55+$34.56$75.00$34.00
Hawkeye & Logan Fan20208$49.99$41.99$-8.00$53.95$32.00
Mystique Fan20202$24.99$14.00$-10.99$14.99$13.00
Professor X & Magneto Fan20206$49.99$42.33$-7.66$50.00$30.00
Rogue & Pyro (down arrow $-2.21) Fan202011$49.99$39.54$-10.45$55.00$28.00
Wolverine (up arrow $2.94) Fan202015$24.99$30.78+$5.79$39.99$25.00
Logan & Charles Xavier 2 Pack Pulse20208$49.99$67.62+$17.63$88.00$55.00
Storm & Thunderbird Target202018$49.99$30.45$-19.54$39.99$16.50
Total Retail: $404.91 Total Market: $388.68 Diff: $-16.23
save Total Retail: $404.91 Market Value: $388.68 Diff: $-16.23
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