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Name Wave BAF Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
X-Men - Apocalypse BAF
Apocalypse (BAF) 2Complete20186$113.33$150.00$15.00
Gladiator 2Head20188$19.99$84.12+$64.13$115.00$44.98
Magneto 2Right Arm201812$19.99$40.83+$20.84$65.00$23.99
Multiple Man 2Right Leg201810$19.99$75.29+$55.30$90.00$50.00
Psylocke 2Left Leg20188$19.99$77.25+$57.26$99.99$52.00
Psylocke (Purple Hair Variant) 2Left Leg20186$19.99$70.83+$50.84$79.99$65.00
Sabretooth ( $14.27) 2Left Arm201817$19.99$71.11+$51.12$99.99$48.89
Storm (Classic Mohawk) 2Torso201815$19.99$36.45+$16.46$44.99$24.99
Wolverine (Tiger Stripes) 2Tubes201820$19.99$49.74+$29.75$68.00$34.00
Archangel AllClaw20183$19.99$67.64+$47.65$69.00$64.94
Total Retail: $179.91 Total Market: $573.26 Diff: +$393.35
Total Retail: $179.91 Market Value: $573.26 Diff: +$393.35
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