Masters of the Universe Mattel Classics Quakke
  • Masters of the Universe Mattel Classics Quakke

    The gruff Mutant Quakke was greatly feared for his Grabatron Meteormace, a remarkable weapon he constructed using a strange meteor fragment that he discovered in the Regula Mountain Range of Denebria. When smashed against the ground, the Meteormace caused effects which varied from small tremors to devastating, localized earthquakes. Quakke served Flogg as the chief Helmsman aboard the Mutant Mothership, and although he was surly in demeanor, he often found immense humor in his comrade Butthead’s dim-wittedness. Quakke was initially mistrustful of Skeletor upon the mage’s arrival on Denebria and tried to undermine Skeletor’s authority by presenting him with the uncontrollable creature Grr as a pet. Skeletor instantly tamed the feral beast, which cowered in its new master’s presence. After witnessing this, Quakke realized it was in his best interest to respect Skeletor’s power. During the Battle of Fetra IV, Quakke saw that defeat was imminent and joined the Mutant Crystoll in his escape pod. The two eventually landed on the planet Etheria where they failed in a misguided attempt to seize the Crystal Castle.
  • Year: 2017

    Retail: $25.00 UPC: 086547346153 Series: Mattel Classics Group: Evil Mutants
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This Quakke toy was added on January 2024 and originally released in 2017 with a retail price of $25.00. This action figure is part of the Masters of the Universe genre within the Mattel Classics series. It can be found online by using the following codes: UPC: 086547346153, and on eBay (#ad). This toy currently has no recent price history so it's not possible to determine the worth. Only 3 of these items are in user collections so it doesnt seem too desirable.

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