Power Rangers Lightning action figures, monsters versus and exclusives Checklist

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Lightning Action Figures Checklist
Dino Charge Red Ranger12019$19.99
Lord Zedd12019$19.99
S.P.D. Shadow Ranger12019$19.99
White Ranger12019$19.99
Beast Morphers Gold Ranger22019$19.99
Beast Morphers Red Ranger22019$19.99
Lost Galaxy Magna Defender22019$19.99
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger22019$19.99
Beast Morphers Blue Ranger32019$19.99
Dino Charge Gold Ranger32019$19.99
Lord Drakkon32019$19.99
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger32019$19.99
Beast Morphers Cybervillain Blaze42020$19.99
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger42020$19.99
S.P.D. Red Ranger42020$19.99
Zeo Blue Ranger42020$19.99
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger52020$19.99
Ranger Slayer52020$19.99
Time Force Red Ranger52020$19.99
Zeo Gold Ranger52020$19.99
In Space Yellow Ranger62020$19.99
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger62020$19.99
Zeo Red Ranger V62020$19.99
Dino Thunder Red Ranger72020$19.99
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger72020$19.99
Z Putty72020$19.99
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger82021$19.99
Lost Galaxy Red Ranger82021$19.99
S.P.D. Pink Ranger82021$19.99
Zeo Green Ranger82021$19.99
S.P.D. Green Ranger92021$19.99
In Space Black Ranger92021$19.99
Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger92021$19.99
Tenga Warrior92021$19.99
Dino Charge Green Ranger102021$22.99
In Space Pink Ranger102021$22.99
Space Phantom Ranger102021$22.99
Zeo Yellow Ranger102021$22.99
Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink Ranger (Kat Hillard)Target2022$26.49
Mighty Morphin Ninja Red RangerTarget2022$26.59
Mighty Morphin Ninja Yellow RangerTarget2022$26.49
Mighty Morphin White Ranger (Metallic)Pulse2022$27.99
Dino Charge Pink Ranger112022$22.99
Dino Fury Red Ranger112022$22.99
Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger112022$22.99
Zeo Cog112022$22.99
Lightspeed Rescue Blue Ranger2023$24.99
RPM Yellow Ranger2023$24.99
Turbo Invisible Phantom Ranger2023$22.99
Turbo Red Ranger2023$24.99
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Adam Park)122023$24.99
Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger122023$24.99
Lost Galaxy Green Ranger122023$24.99
Wild Force Blue Ranger122023$24.99
Beast Morphers Yellow Ranger132023$33.99
Dino Charge Blue Ranger132023$33.99
Dino Fury Green Ranger132023$33.99
Dino Fury Blue Ranger142023$24.99
Dino Thunder Black Ranger142023$24.99
Dino Thunder Mesogog142023$24.99
Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger142023$24.99
Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger142023$24.99
S.P.D. Yellow Ranger142023$24.99

Deluxe Checklist
In Space Red Ecliptor2022$24.99
In Space Blue Ranger and Galaxy Glider12022$31.99
In Space Silver Ranger (Deluxe)2023$33.99
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (Remastered)Pulse2023$33.99
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Remastered)Pulse2023$33.99
Rita Repulsa2023$33.99
Turbo Blue Senturion (Deluxe)2023$33.99
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (Remastered)2024$33.99
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (Remastered)2024$33.99
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Remastered)2024$33.99

Monsters Checklist
King Sphinx2020$29.99
Pumpkin Rapper2020$29.99
Eye Guy2021$31.99
Mighty Minotaur2023$33.99

Versus Checklist
Green Ranger vs Putty Patrol2019$39.99
Lost Galaxy Red Ranger vs Psycho Red2019$39.99
S.P.D. B-Squad Blue Ranger vs A-Squad Blue Ranger2020$39.99
In Space Red Ranger vs Astronema2020$39.99
In Space Blue Ranger vs Psycho Silver2021$41.99
Yellow Ranger vs Scorpina2021$41.99

Morphed Checklist
Morphed Raphael and Foot Soldier Tommy (TMNT)Fan2021$49.99
Morphed Shredder (TMNT)Fan2021$29.99
Morphed April O'Neil and Morphed Michaelangelo (TMNT)Fan2022$52.99
Morphed Donatello and Morphed Leonardo (TMNT)Fan2022$52.99
Morphed Cammy Stinging Crane (Street Fighter)2023$34.99
Morphed Chun-Li Blazing Phoenix (Street Fighter)2023$33.99
Morphed Daniel LaRusso White Crane Ranger (Cobra Kai)Target2023$27.99
Morphed Johnny Lawrence Black Boar Ranger (Cobra Kai)Target2023$27.99
Morphed Ken Soaring Eagle (Street Fighter)2023$34.99
Morphed Miguel Diaz Red Eagle Ranger (Cobra Kai)Target2023$27.99
Morphed Samantha LaRusso Pink Mantis Ranger (Cobra Kai)Target2023$27.99
Morphed Ryu Crimson Hawk Ranger (Street Fighter)2023$33.99
Morphed Skeleputty (Cobra Kai)Target2023$27.99

Exclusives Checklist
Black Ranger with Dragon ShieldWalgreens2019$19.99
Psycho BlueGamestop2019$19.99
Red Ranger I with Dragon Shield and Zeo Gold Ranger IISDCC2019$49.99
S.P.D. B-Squad Blue Ranger vs A-Squad Blue Ranger (Spectrum)Target2020$39.99
Dino Charge Black RangerTarget2020$19.99
Dino Thunder Red Ranger (Spectrum)Target2020$19.99
Dino Thunder White RangerWalgreens2020$19.99
Green Ranger (Spectrum)Target2020$19.99
King Sphinx (Spectrum)Target2020$29.99
Lord Drakkon (Evo III)Pulse2020$49.99
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa 25th Wedding AnniversaryGamestop2020$39.99
S.P.D. Omega Ranger and Uniforce CycleAmazon2020$29.99
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (Metallic)Pulse2020$24.99
Psycho GreenPulse2020$19.99
Psycho Rangers 5 PackAmazon2020$99.99
Pumpkin Rapper (Spectrum)Target2020$29.99
Putty PatrollerPulse2020$29.99
In Space Red Ranger vs Astronema (Spectrum)Target2020$39.99
White Ranger (Spectrum)Target2020$19.99
Z Putty (Spectrum)Target2020$19.99
Zordon and Alpha 5Walmart2020$27.99
S.P.D. A-Squad Green RangerBestBuy2021$22.99
S.P.D. A-Squad Pink RangerGamestop2021$24.99
S.P.D. A-Squad Red RangerFan2021$22.99
S.P.D. A-Squad Yellow RangerFan2021$22.99
Andros (In Space)Target2021$22.99
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Metallic)Pulse2021$24.99
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (Metallic)Pulse2021$24.99
Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord (Retro Style)Walmart2021$15.97
In Space Silver RangerWalgreens2021$22.99
Lost Galaxy Megazord (Retro Style)Walmart2021$15.97
Mighty Morphin Tyrannosaurus SentryTarget2021$22.99
Ninja Storm Ninjakon (Retro Style)Walmart2021$15.97
Pink Ranger (Cel-Shaded)Gamestop2021$29.99
Pink Ranger and Zeo Pink RangerGamestop2021$39.99
Mighty Morphin Pudgy PigTarget2021$31.49
Pudgy Pig (PulseCon)PulseCon2021$57.99
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Metallic)Pulse2021$24.99
Mighty Morphin Thunder Megazord (Retro Style)Walmart2021$15.97
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Metallic)Pulse2021$24.99
Zeo CogsPulse2021$41.99
Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord (NFT - Zord Ascension Project)PulseCon2022$199.99
Mighty Morphin FinsterAmazon2022$26.49
Mighty Morphin Ninja Black RangerTarget2022$24.99
Mighty Morphin Ninja Blue RangerTarget2022$24.99
Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart)Target2022$24.99
Mighty Morphin Ninja White RangerTarget2022$24.99
Space Ecliptor and AstronemaAmazon2022$52.99
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Trini and Yellow Ranger JasonGameStop2022$47.99
Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord (Zord Ascension Project)Fan2022$164.99
Alien Rangers of Aquitar 5 PackAmazon2023$120.99
MZ-0602 in Space Astro Megazord (Zord Ascension Project)Fan2023$164.99
Time Force Blue Ranger and Vector CycleFan2023$33.99
Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Black & Gold Special Edition (Zord Ascension Project)2023$179.99
Mighty Morphin Tenga Warriors PackPulse2023$47.99

Roleplay Checklist
Red Ranger Helmet2020$89.99
Green Dragon Dagger2021$73.99
White Ranger Helmet2021$79.99
Blue Ranger Helmet2022$89.99
Blue Ranger Power Lance2022$131.99
Lord Drakkon HelmetGamestop2022$132.99
Lord Zedd Helmet2022$132.99
Pink Ranger Helmet2022$84.99
Pink Ranger Power Morpher2022$69.99
Red Ranger Power Sword2022$219.99
Yellow Ranger Power Morpher2022$55.99
Yellow Ranger Power Daggers2023$131.99
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