Power Rangers Lightning action figures, monsters, versus and exclusives.

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Lightning Action Figures
Dino Charge Red Ranger
Lord Zedd
S.P.D. Shadow Ranger
White Ranger
Beast Morphers Gold Ranger
Beast Morphers Red Ranger
Lost Galaxy Magna Defender
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger
Beast Morphers Blue Ranger
Dino Charge Gold Ranger
Lord Drakkon
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
Beast Morphers Cybervillain Blaze
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger
S.P.D. Red Ranger
Zeo Blue Ranger
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger
Ranger Slayer
Time Force Red Ranger
Zeo Gold Ranger
In Space Yellow Ranger
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger
Zeo Red Ranger V
Dino Thunder Red Ranger
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger
Z Putty
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger
Lost Galaxy Red Ranger
S.P.D. Pink Ranger
Zeo Green Ranger
S.P.D. Green Ranger
In Space Black Ranger
Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger
Tenga Warrior
Dino Charge Green Ranger
In Space Pink Ranger
Space Phantom Ranger
Zeo Yellow Ranger
Dino Charge Pink Ranger
Dino Fury Red Ranger
Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger
Zeo Cog
In Space Blue Ranger and Galaxy Glider
Mighty Morphin Pirantishead
King Sphinx
Pumpkin Rapper
Eye Guy
Green Ranger vs Putty Patrol
Lost Galaxy Red Ranger vs Psycho Red
S.P.D. B-Squad Blue Ranger vs A-Squad Blue Ranger
In Space Red Ranger vs Astronema
In Space Blue Ranger vs Psycho Silver
Yellow Ranger vs Scorpina
Black Ranger with Dragon Shield
Psycho Blue
Red Ranger I with Dragon Shield and Zeo Gold Ranger II
S.P.D. B-Squad Blue Ranger vs A-Squad Blue Ranger (Spectrum)
Dino Charge Black Ranger
Dino Thunder Red Ranger (Spectrum)
Dino Thunder White Ranger
Green Ranger (Spectrum)
King Sphinx (Spectrum)
Lord Drakkon (Evo III)
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa 25th Wedding Anniversary
S.P.D. Omega Ranger and Uniforce Cycle
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (Metallic)
Psycho Green
Psycho Rangers 5 Pack
Pumpkin Rapper (Spectrum)
Putty Patroller
In Space Red Ranger vs Astronema (Spectrum)
White Ranger (Spectrum)
Z Putty (Spectrum)
Zordon and Alpha 5
S.P.D. A-Squad Green Ranger
S.P.D. A-Squad Pink Ranger
S.P.D. A-Squad Red Ranger
S.P.D. A-Squad Yellow Ranger
Andros (In Space)
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Metallic)
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (Metallic)
Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord (Retro Style)
In Space Silver Ranger
Lost Galaxy Megazord (Retro Style)
Mighty Morphin Tyrannosaurus Sentry
Morphed Raphael and Foot Soldier Tommy
Morphed Shredder
Ninja Storm Ninjakon (Retro Style)
Pink Ranger (Cel-Shaded)
Pink Ranger and Zeo Pink Ranger
Pudgy Pig (PulseCon)
Mighty Morphin Pudgy Pig
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Metallic)
Mighty Morphin Thunder Megazord (Retro Style)
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Metallic)
Zeo Cogs
Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord
Mighty Morphin Finster
Morphed April O'Neil and Morphed Michaelangelo
Morphed Donatello and Morphed Leonardo
Mighty Morphin Ninja Black Ranger
Mighty Morphin Ninja Blue Ranger
Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink Ranger
Mighty Morphin Ninja White Ranger
Space Ecliptor and Astronema

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