Marvel Legends Face Off Checklist

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Face Off Checklist
Captain America vs Red Skull12006$14.99
Captain America vs Baron Strucker (Variant)12006$14.99
Daredevil vs Kingpin12006$14.99
Daredevil vs Kingpin (Variant)12006$14.99
Hulk vs Leader12006$14.99
Hulk vs Leader (Variant)12006$14.99
Iron Man vs The Mandarin22006$14.99
Punisher vs Jigsaw22006$14.99
Punisher vs Jigsaw (Variant)22006$14.99
War Machine vs The Mandarin (Variant)22006$14.99
Wolverine vs Sabretooth22006$14.99
Wolverine vs Sabretooth (Variant)22006$14.99