Marvel Legends price guide for Face Off .

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Name Wave Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Face Off
Captain America vs Red Skull 120065$14.99$55.59+$40.60$71.00$44.00
Captain America vs Baron Strucker (Variant) 120061$14.99$64.99+$50.00$64.99$64.99
Daredevil vs Kingpin ( $-4.04) 120066$14.99$42.97+$27.98$54.00$30.00
Daredevil vs Kingpin (Variant) 120064$14.99$74.50+$59.51$99.99$40.00
Hulk vs Leader 120064$14.99$55.74+$40.75$65.00$48.00
Hulk vs Leader (Variant) 120061$14.99$52.00+$37.01$52.00$52.00
Iron Man vs The Mandarin 220064$14.99$45.51+$30.52$60.00$27.00
Punisher vs Jigsaw 220061$14.99$51.00+$36.01$51.00$51.00
Punisher vs Jigsaw (Variant) 220064$14.99$91.25+$76.26$130.00$65.00
War Machine vs The Mandarin (Variant) 220062$14.99$82.49+$67.50$99.99$64.99
Wolverine vs Sabretooth 220062$14.99$50.98+$35.99$59.95$42.00
Wolverine vs Sabretooth (Variant) 220060$14.99$0.00$0.00
Total Retail: $179.88 Total Market: $682.01 Diff: +$502.13
Total Retail: $179.88 Market Value: $682.01 Diff: +$502.13
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