Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Checklist

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Infinity Saga Checklist
Gladiator HulkAmazon2023$39.99
01 Iron Man Mark III (Iron Man)2021$26.49
02 Captain America (Infinity War)Walmart2021$26.49
03 Quicksilver (Age of Ultron)2021$26.49
04 Odin (Thor)2021$26.49
05 Thor (Avengers Endgame)Pulse2021$24.99
06 Obadiah Stane & Iron Monger (Infinity War)Walmart2021$73.99
07 Surtur (Thor Ragnarok)2021$52.99
08 Captain Marvel and Rescue Armor (Avengers: Endgame)Amazon2021$52.99
09 Happy Hogan and Iron Man Mark 21 (Iron Man 3)Target2021$49.99
10 Iron Man MK85 & Thanos Final Battle (Avengers Endgame)2021$62.99
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