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Marvel Comics 80th Anniv. (Retro)
Deadpool (Retro)2019$24.99
Hulk (Gray Retro)2019$34.99
Hulk (Green Retro)SDCC2019$34.99
Beast (Gray Retro)2020$19.99
Kingpin (Vintage)2020$29.99
Mysterio (Vintage)2020$29.99
Storm (Black Suit Retro)2020$19.99
Black Cat (Retro)Fan2020$21.99
Dr Doom (Vintage)Fan2020$21.99
J. Jonah Jameson (Retro)Fan2020$24.99
Cyborg Spider-Man (Vintage)Target2020$19.99
Gambit (Retro)Target2020$19.99
Rogue (Retro)Target2020$19.99
Spider Man Negative Zone (Retro)Target2020$19.99
Hercules (Retro)2021$22.99
Spider-Man 2099 (Retro)2021$22.99
Sandman (Retro)Fan2021$22.99
Web-Man (Retro)Fan2021$22.99
Venom (retro)PulseCon2021$31.99