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Marvel Comics 80th Anniv. (Retro) chart
Hulk (Gray Retro) 20195$34.99$85.78+$50.79$99.00$79.95
Hulk (Green Retro) SDCC20193$34.99$127.66+$92.67$150.00$83.00
Hercules (Retro) 20216$22.99$21.23$-1.76$35.00$11.50
Tigra (Retro) Fan20218$22.99$15.29$-7.70$21.99$6.00
Falcon (Retro) 20220$22.99$0.00$0.00
Loki (Retro) 20221$22.99$29.74+$6.75$29.74$29.74
Lady Loki (Retro) 20227$22.99$19.83$-3.16$21.99$7.50
Scarlet Witch (Retro) (down arrow $-3.07) 202218$22.99$17.57$-5.42$25.99$10.50
Vision (White - Retro) 20224$22.99$20.73$-2.26$29.98$14.99
Ghost Rider (Retro) 202314$27.99$33.20+$5.21$45.00$19.99
Bombastic Bag-Man (Retro) (up arrow $1.35) Target202336$22.99$29.74+$6.75$40.00$17.50
Total Retail: $281.89 Total Market: $423.76 Diff: +$141.87
save Total Retail: $281.89 Market Value: $423.76 Diff: +$141.87
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