Marvel Legends price guide for Series 4.

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Series 4 chart
Beast 420033$19.99$26.99+$7.00$35.00$19.99
Elektra 420030$19.99$0.00$0.00
Gambit 420034$19.99$30.37+$10.38$35.00$22.50
Goliath 420031$19.99$49.99+$30.00$49.99$49.99
Punisher 420033$19.99$28.33+$8.34$30.00$24.99
Total Retail: $99.95 Total Market: $155.67 Diff: +$55.72
save Total Retail: $99.95 Market Value: $155.67 Diff: +$55.72
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