Marvel Legends price guide for Series 6.

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Series 6 chart
Cable 620048$19.99$46.86+$26.87$78.98$31.00
Cable (Brown Pants) 620041$19.99$139.99+$120.00$139.99$139.99
Deadpool 620043$19.99$96.33+$76.34$100.00$89.99
Juggernaut 620042$19.99$46.98+$26.99$64.95$29.00
Phoenix 620040$19.99$0.00$0.00
Dark Phoenix 620043$19.99$36.65+$16.66$43.95$31.00
Punisher 620041$19.99$69.99+$50.00$69.99$69.99
Wolverine 620044$19.99$20.62+$0.63$28.99$15.00
Wolverine (Unmasked) 620040$19.99$0.00$0.00
Total Retail: $179.91 Total Market: $497.40 Diff: +$317.49
save Total Retail: $179.91 Market Value: $497.40 Diff: +$317.49
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