Marvel Legends X-Men: Retro Collection Checklist

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X-Men: Retro Collection Checklist
Deadpool (Retro)2019$24.99
Cyclops (Retro)12019$19.99
Dazzler (Retro)12019$19.99
Iceman (Retro)12019$19.99
Silver Samurai (Retro)12019$19.99
Storm (Retro)12019$19.99
Wolverine (Retro)12019$19.99
Beast (Gray Retro)2020$19.99
Storm (Black Suit Retro)2020$19.99
Gambit (Retro)Target2020$19.99
Rogue (Retro)Target2020$19.99
Avalanche (Retro)2023$25.99
Beast (Lab Coat - Retro)2023$33.99
Dark Phoenix (Retro)2023$25.99
Longshot (Retro)2023$25.99
Multiple Man (Retro)2023$25.99
Spiral (Retro)2023$25.99
Wolverine (Yellow Blue Suit - Retro)2023$25.99
Apocalypse (Retro)Pulse2023$38.99
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