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X-Men: Retro Collection chart
Deadpool (Retro) 201914$24.99$31.69+$6.70$40.00$21.99
Cyclops (Retro) (down arrow $-1.28) 120199$19.99$17.98$-2.01$24.99$5.00
Dazzler (Retro) 120195$19.99$13.23$-6.76$16.69$10.49
Iceman (Retro) (up arrow $1.52) 1201913$19.99$33.63+$13.64$40.00$22.50
Silver Samurai (Retro) 120196$19.99$17.62$-2.37$26.00$5.00
Storm (Retro) 1201933$19.99$25.96+$5.97$39.00$7.50
Wolverine (Retro) 120199$19.99$13.54$-6.45$21.99$5.00
Beast (Gray Retro) 20206$19.99$22.49+$2.50$28.99$15.50
Storm (Black Suit Retro) 20204$19.99$21.50+$1.51$28.00$12.00
Gambit (Retro) Target202014$19.99$23.91+$3.92$35.00$13.99
Rogue (Retro) Target202031$19.99$29.61+$9.62$39.99$13.27
Total Retail: $224.89 Total Market: $251.16 Diff: +$26.27
save Total Retail: $224.89 Market Value: $251.16 Diff: +$26.27
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