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Stan LeeSDCC2007$14.99
Black QueenToys R Us2007$9.99
Diamond Emma FrostToys R Us2007$9.99
Wolverine (25th Anniversary Silver Edition)Toys R Us2007$9.99
Cable & Marvel Girl 2 PackWalmart2007$19.99
Cannonball & Domino 2 PackWalmart2007$19.99
Silver SurferWalmart2007$14.99
Ultimate Wolverine (PX Preview)2008$14.99
Fin Fang Foom Box SetSDCC2008$99.99
Savage LandSDCC2008$31.00
Hulk (Movie)Target2008$14.99
Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse)Toyfare2008$10.99
Black Widow and Winter SoldierToys R Us2009$22.99
Hand Ninja and Dum Dum DuganToys R Us2009$22.99
Human Torch and Invisible WomanToys R Us2009$22.99
Maria Hill and Iron ManToys R Us2009$22.99
Sharon Carter and Stealth Iron ManToys R Us2009$22.99
Deadpool & Warpath Fan ChoiceToys R Us2010$39.99
Deadpool & Warpath Fan Choice (Blue Variant)Toys R Us2010$39.99
Thor HammerSDCC2011$24.99
Uncanny X-Force Wolverine Archangel Psylocke 3 PackSDCC2012$49.99
Thunderbolts SetSDCC2013$89.99
The Thanos Imperative Box SetSDCC2014$99.99
Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Radioactive Man 3 PackTarget2014$50.00
X-Men Original 5 PackToys R Us2014$84.99
Avengers Age of Ultron 4 PackAmazon2015$79.99
Avengers 5 PackDisney2015$99.99
Guardians of Galaxy Box SetEE2015$119.99
Ant-Man Deluxe 5 Figure SetSDCC2015$64.99
Book of VishantiSDCC2015$109.99
Ultron, Hulk, Vision 3 PackTarget2015$49.99
Agents of Shield 3 PackToys R Us2015$29.99
Agent VenomWalgreens2015$19.99
Spider Man, Captain America, Iron Man 3 PackAll2016$59.99
The RaftSDCC2016$119.99
War Machine and Iron ManTarget2016$34.49
Vision, Kate, Sam 3 PackToys R Us2016$49.99
Winter Soldier - BuckyWalmart2016$19.99
Spider Man and Iron Man Sentry 2 PackAll2017$39.99
Defenders 4 PackAmazon2017$79.99
Ego & Star-Lord 2 PackEE2017$49.99
Deadpool Back in BlackGamestop2017$22.99
Deadpool Uncanny X-ForceHasCon2017$19.99
Battle for Asgard 5 PackSDCC2017$99.99
Thor and Valkyrie 2 PackTarget2017$39.99
A Force Heroines 6 PackToys R Us2017$119.99
Groot EvolutionToys R Us2017$21.99
Hydra Soldiers Enforcer & Soldier 2 PackToys R Us2017$39.99
Dark Phoenix and CyclopsToys R Us2017$39.99
Spider Man and Mary Jane WatsonToys R Us2017$39.99
Human TorchWalgreens2017$19.99
Invisible WomanWalgreens2017$19.99
Black PantherWalmart2017$19.99
Spider-Man & VultureWalmart2017$39.99
Captain America 75th Anniversary Metal ShieldAll2018$299.99
Venom and CarnageAll2018$19.99
Days Of Future Past Sentinel & WolverineAmazon2018
Vision and Scarlet Witch 2 PackEE2018$39.99
Hydra Supreme Captain America & Arnim Zola 2-PackFan2018$39.99
A.I.M. Scientist and Soldier 2 PackFan2018$39.99
Spider Man GamerverseGamestop2018$22.99
Defenders Rail Authority 5 PackSDCC2018$124.99
Everett Ross & Erik Killmonger 2 PackTarget2018$39.99
Miles Morales & Spider-Gwen 2 PackTarget2018$39.99
Winter Soldier & Falcon 2 PackTarget2018$39.99
Ant-Man & StingerToys R Us2018$39.99
Klaw and Shuri 2 PackToys R Us2018$39.99
Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot 3 packToys R Us2018$49.99
Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards)Walgreens2018$19.99
Silver SurferWalgreens2018$19.99
Black Panther (Vibranium Armor)Walmart2018$19.99
Luke Cage & Claire Temple 2 PackWalmart2018$39.99
Captain America ShieldAll2019$99.99
Alpha FlightAmazon2019$109.99
Family Matters 3 Pack with Magneto, Quicksilver, & Scarlet WitchAmazon2019$99.99
Spider-Man and Kraven 2 PackFan2019$39.99
Grandmaster & Collector 2 PackSDCC2019$49.99
Black Widow & Hawkeye 2 PackTarget2019$39.99
Captain Marvel (Starforce)Target2019$19.99
Spider-Man & MJ Homecoming 2 PackTarget2019$39.99
Doctor Doom (Infamous)Walgreens2019$19.99
Emma FrostWalgreens2019$19.99
Captain America (Worthy)Walmart2019$19.99
Captain Marvel (Binary)Walmart2019$19.99
Loki & Corvus GlaiveWalmart2019$39.99
Apocalypse (Deluxe)All2020$29.99
Black Widow (White Outfit)All2020$29.99
Monster VenomAll2020$29.99
War Machine (Deluxe)All2020$29.99
Children of ThanosAmazon2020$119.99
X-Men Psylocke Nimrod Fantomex 3 PackAmazon2020$79.99
Wolverine (Days of Future Past)Amazon2020$24.99
Dani MoonstarFan2020$20.99
Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage WarheadFan2020$49.99
Hawkeye & LoganFan2020$49.99
Professor X & MagnetoFan2020$49.99
Rogue & PyroFan2020$49.99
Silk (Fan Vote)Fan2020$19.99
Outback HulkGamestop2020$19.99
A.I.M. TrooperPulse2020$14.99
Hellfire Club (Guard)Pulse2020$14.99
Hydra TrooperPulse2020$14.99
Logan & Charles Xavier 2 PackPulse2020$49.99
Sentinel (HasLab)Pulse2020$349.99
Hellfire ClubSDCC2020$79.99
Black Widow (Deadly Origin)Target2020$19.99
Iron Man (Starboost Armor)Target2020$19.99
Red HulkTarget2020$29.99
Storm & ThunderbirdTarget2020$49.99
Iron Man 2020Walgreens2020$19.99
Moon Knight (White Suit)Walgreens2020$19.99
Silver Centurion Iron ManWalgreens2020$19.99
Stepford CuckoosWalgreens2020$19.99
Black Widow (Grey Suit)Walmart2020$19.99
Cable (Deadpool Legends)Walmart2020$24.99
Venomized Captain AmericaWalmart2020$19.99
MODOK (Deluxe)All2021$49.99
Deadpool 2Amazon2021$24.99
Wolverine vs Villains 5 PackAmazon2021$120.99
Domino Rictor and Cannonball X-Force packDisney2021$59.99
Hydra StomperFan2021$52.99
Red Guardian & Melina Vostokoff 2 PackFan2021$39.99
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet Deluxe)Fan2021$29.99
Miles Morales (Gamerverse)Gamestop2021$22.99
MODOK (World Domination Tour)Pulse2021$73.99
Nova (The Man Called)Walgreens2021$19.99
Silver Surfer (Mjolnir)Walgreens2021$19.99
Compound HulkWalmart2021$29.99
Captain America: John F. WalkerWalmart2021$22.88
Spider Man (Upgraded Suit)Walmart2021$22.88
Excalibur MultipackPulse2022$62.99
S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Trooper 2-PackPulse2022$31.99
Skrull Trooper PackPulse2022$15.99
Doctor Strange (Classic Comics)Walmart2022$26.49