Marvel Legends Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Checklist

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Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Checklist
Agent Anti Venom2019$19.99
Big Time Spider-Man2019$19.99
Captain America2019$24.99
Colossus & Juggernaut Two-Pack2019$59.99
Cowboy Logan2019$19.99
Deadpool and Hit-Monkey2019$39.99
Ghost & Luis Two-Pack2019$49.99
Giant Man2019$29.99
Grandmaster & Korg 2-Pack2019$49.99
Havok & Polaris Two-Pack2019$39.99
Hulk vs Wolverine Two-Pack2019$59.99
Invincible Iron Man2019$19.99
Iron Man2019$24.99
Punisher War Machine2019$19.99
Skurge & Hela Two-Pack2019$39.99
Stan Lee2019$24.99
Marvel Legends X-Men Three-Pack2019$59.99
Alpha FlightAmazon2019$109.99
Captain America & Peggy Carter 2 PackFan2019$49.99
Deathlok (X-Force)Fan2019$19.99
Iron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider 2 packTarget2019$49.99