Marvel Legends price guide for Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary.

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Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary chart
Agent Anti Venom 201912$19.99$47.64+$27.65$65.00$29.00
Big Time Spider-Man 20198$19.99$45.28+$25.29$60.00$26.00
Captain America 20195$24.99$55.80+$30.81$74.99$44.00
Colossus & Juggernaut Two-Pack 201910$59.99$83.08+$23.09$99.99$67.00
Cowboy Logan 20194$19.99$20.00+$0.01$21.99$17.99
Deadpool and Hit-Monkey 20192$39.99$45.50+$5.51$49.00$42.00
Ghost & Luis Two-Pack 20191$49.99$20.00$-29.99$20.00$20.00
Giant Man 20190$29.99$0.00$0.00
Grandmaster & Korg 2-Pack 20192$49.99$25.00$-24.99$30.00$20.00
Havok & Polaris Two-Pack 201917$39.99$66.45+$26.46$84.99$42.00
Hulk vs Wolverine Two-Pack 20193$59.99$95.26+$35.27$109.77$87.00
Invincible Iron Man 20197$19.99$13.80$-6.19$21.00$5.00
Iron Man 201910$24.99$34.90+$9.91$42.00$22.50
Punisher 20195$19.99$40.10+$20.11$53.54$14.99
Punisher War Machine 201915$19.99$32.05+$12.06$44.99$18.50
Skurge & Hela Two-Pack 20191$39.99$49.88+$9.89$49.88$49.88
Stan Lee 20196$24.99$21.80$-3.19$38.32$11.50
Thor 201919$39.99$65.99+$26.00$75.00$55.00
Marvel Legends X-Men Three-Pack 201924$59.99$145.62+$85.63$180.00$109.99
Alpha Flight (up arrow $22.73) Amazon20199$109.99$146.66+$36.67$199.00$110.00
Captain America & Peggy Carter 2 Pack Fan20195$49.99$46.79$-3.20$58.99$35.00
Deathlok (X-Force) Fan20198$19.99$21.63+$1.64$29.99$9.07
Iron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider 2 pack (down arrow $-24.80) Target201912$49.99$118.41+$68.42$159.99$85.00
Total Retail: $894.77 Total Market: $1,271.63 Diff: +$376.86
save Total Retail: $894.77 Market Value: $1,271.63 Diff: +$376.86
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