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Total number of auctions reviewed: 355213
Total items reviewed: 1463

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Spider-Man 2099Spider-Man 2099$19.99$276.87+$256.884Spider Man Classics
House of M Box SetHouse of M Box Set$39.99$144.74+$104.754Box Sets (Toybiz)
Ghost Rider (Phasing)Ghost Rider (Phasing)$19.99$92.33+$72.343Series 7
Ultron Hulk vs HulkbusterUltron Hulk vs Hulkbuster$49.99$115.74+$65.754Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary
Green Goblin (Retro)Green Goblin (Retro)$19.99$77.70+$57.7117Spider Man: Retro Collection
Kingpin (Retro)Kingpin (Retro)$29.99$86.23+$56.2431Spider Man: Retro Collection
Doc OckDoc Ock$19.99$73.60+$53.616Series 8
Scarlet Spider ManScarlet Spider Man$19.99$77.60+$57.615Vintage Series
Marvel Legends X-Men (Love Triangle) 3 PackMarvel Legends X-Men (Love Triangle) 3 Pack$59.99$108.07+$48.0821Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Venom (Retro)Venom (Retro)$31.99$80.49+$48.5019Spider Man: Retro Collection
Colossus & Juggernaut Two-PackColossus & Juggernaut Two-Pack$59.99$107.08+$47.095Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Iron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider 2 packIron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider 2 pack$49.99$94.86+$44.877Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Professor X & Hover ChairProfessor X & Hover Chair$39.99$85.96+$45.9713Ultimate Riders
Electro (Retro)Electro (Retro)$19.99$63.66+$43.6724Spider Man: Retro Collection
JuggernautJuggernaut$19.99$55.88+$35.894Series 6
BladeBlade$19.99$53.85+$33.869Series 5
Wolverine (Days of Future Past)Wolverine (Days of Future Past)$24.99$55.20+$30.215X-Men 20th Anniversary
Daredevil (Unlimited)Daredevil (Unlimited)$9.99$42.25+$32.2618Marvel Unlimited
ApocalypseApocalypse$19.99$47.49+$27.504Series 7
Hulk vs Wolverine Two-PackHulk vs Wolverine Two-Pack$59.99$84.51+$24.527Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Spider-Man 2099Spider-Man 2099$19.991285%$276.87+$256.884Spider Man Classics
Ghost Rider (Phasing)Ghost Rider (Phasing)$19.99362%$92.33+$72.343Series 7
Daredevil (Unlimited)Daredevil (Unlimited)$9.99323%$42.25+$32.2618Marvel Unlimited
Green Goblin (Retro)Green Goblin (Retro)$19.99289%$77.70+$57.7117Spider Man: Retro Collection
Scarlet Spider ManScarlet Spider Man$19.99288%$77.60+$57.615Vintage Series
Doc OckDoc Ock$19.99268%$73.60+$53.616Series 8
House of M Box SetHouse of M Box Set$39.99262%$144.74+$104.754Box Sets (Toybiz)
Electro (Retro)Electro (Retro)$19.99218%$63.66+$43.6724Spider Man: Retro Collection
Kingpin (Retro)Kingpin (Retro)$29.99188%$86.23+$56.2431Spider Man: Retro Collection
JuggernautJuggernaut$19.99180%$55.88+$35.894Series 6
BladeBlade$19.99169%$53.85+$33.869Series 5
Ghost RiderGhost Rider$19.99155%$51.02+$31.034Series 7
Daredevil vs KingpinDaredevil vs Kingpin$14.99153%$37.99+$23.003Face Off
Venom (Retro)Venom (Retro)$31.99152%$80.49+$48.5019Spider Man: Retro Collection
Wolverine vs SabretoothWolverine vs Sabretooth$14.99151%$37.55+$22.564Face Off
Agent Anti VenomAgent Anti Venom$19.99140%$47.98+$27.9924Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
ApocalypseApocalypse$19.99138%$47.49+$27.504Series 7
Man ThingMan Thing$19.99138%$47.55+$27.5610Series 8
Ultron Hulk vs HulkbusterUltron Hulk vs Hulkbuster$49.99132%$115.74+$65.754Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary
PunisherPunisher$19.99128%$45.63+$25.6418Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
PunisherWolverine213410-02-2017Vintage Series
PunisherStorm (Retro)124408-26-2019X-Men: Retro Collection
PunisherSpider Man99510-06-2017Vintage Series
PunisherBlack Widow96510-04-2017Vintage Series
PunisherGreen Goblin (Retro)90106-11-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
PunisherPunisher War Machine88209-30-2019Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
PunisherAgent Anti Venom83107-18-2019Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
PunisherSpider Man (Retro)79605-30-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
PunisherRogue (Retro)77802-08-2021X-Men: Retro Collection
PunisherPunisher77510-13-2017Vintage Series
PunisherKingpin (Retro)75008-27-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
PunisherElectro (Retro)73006-08-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
PunisherGhost Rider & Motorcycle69302-01-2018Ultimate Riders
PunisherGwen Stacy (Retro)66307-20-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
PunisherMysterio (Retro)66208-11-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
PunisherCaptain America65008-24-2017Series 1
PunisherCaptain America & Crossbones63307-06-2018Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary
PunisherThor62702-06-2020Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
PunisherProfessor X & Hover Chair60501-08-2019Ultimate Riders
PunisherDaredevil (Retro)57006-07-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection

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