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Total number of auctions reviewed: 383086
Total items reviewed: 1511

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Spider-Man vs Sinister 6 Box SetSpider-Man vs Sinister 6 Box Set$59.99$197.50+$137.513Box Sets (Toybiz)
House of M Box SetHouse of M Box Set$39.99$143.00+$103.013Box Sets (Toybiz)
Professor X & Hover ChairProfessor X & Hover Chair$39.99$129.55+$89.5622Ultimate Riders
Ghost Rider & MotorcycleGhost Rider & Motorcycle$39.99$113.37+$73.3813Ultimate Riders
DeadpoolDeadpool$19.99$88.28+$68.297Series 6
Havok & Polaris Two-PackHavok & Polaris Two-Pack$39.99$104.69+$64.7023Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Beast (Lab Coat - Retro)Beast (Lab Coat - Retro)$33.99$98.28+$64.2921X-Men: Retro Collection
Marvel Legends X-Men (Love Triangle) 3 PackMarvel Legends X-Men (Love Triangle) 3 Pack$59.99$121.41+$61.4216Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Urban Legends 4 PackUrban Legends 4 Pack$34.99$96.79+$61.803Box Sets (Toybiz)
JubileeJubilee$26.99$79.94+$52.95990s Animated Series
RogueRogue$24.99$76.67+$51.6825X-Men '97
WarbirdWarbird$19.99$71.22+$51.234Marvel Comics 85th Anniversary
Venom (Retro)Venom (Retro)$31.99$75.36+$43.3714Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverineWolverine$24.99$67.34+$42.3523X-Men '97
Green Goblin (Retro)Green Goblin (Retro)$19.99$62.83+$42.8413Spider Man: Retro Collection
Agent Anti VenomAgent Anti Venom$19.99$60.68+$40.6912Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Electro (Retro)Electro (Retro)$19.99$61.90+$41.9123Spider Man: Retro Collection
Iron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider 2 packIron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider 2 pack$49.99$90.93+$40.945Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Hulk vs Wolverine Two-PackHulk vs Wolverine Two-Pack$59.99$98.59+$38.605Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Alpha FlightAlpha Flight$109.99$146.99+$37.006Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Daredevil (Unlimited)Daredevil (Unlimited)$9.99347%$44.64+$34.656Marvel Unlimited
DeadpoolDeadpool$19.99342%$88.28+$68.297Series 6
House of M Box SetHouse of M Box Set$39.99258%$143.00+$103.013Box Sets (Toybiz)
WarbirdWarbird$19.99256%$71.22+$51.234Marvel Comics 85th Anniversary
Spider-Man vs Sinister 6 Box SetSpider-Man vs Sinister 6 Box Set$59.99229%$197.50+$137.513Box Sets (Toybiz)
Professor X & Hover ChairProfessor X & Hover Chair$39.99224%$129.55+$89.5622Ultimate Riders
Green Goblin (Retro)Green Goblin (Retro)$19.99214%$62.83+$42.8413Spider Man: Retro Collection
Electro (Retro)Electro (Retro)$19.99210%$61.90+$41.9123Spider Man: Retro Collection
RogueRogue$24.99207%$76.67+$51.6825X-Men '97
Agent Anti VenomAgent Anti Venom$19.99204%$60.68+$40.6912Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
Punisher vs JigsawPunisher vs Jigsaw$14.99202%$45.31+$30.325Face Off
JubileeJubilee$26.99196%$79.94+$52.95990s Animated Series
BladeBlade$19.99192%$58.44+$38.4515Series 5
Beast (Lab Coat - Retro)Beast (Lab Coat - Retro)$33.99189%$98.28+$64.2921X-Men: Retro Collection
Ghost Rider & MotorcycleGhost Rider & Motorcycle$39.99183%$113.37+$73.3813Ultimate Riders
Spider Man (Retro)Spider Man (Retro)$19.99181%$56.08+$36.0912Spider Man: Retro Collection
Urban Legends 4 PackUrban Legends 4 Pack$34.99177%$96.79+$61.803Box Sets (Toybiz)
CableCable$19.99175%$54.94+$34.954Series 6
Ghost RiderGhost Rider$19.99172%$54.46+$34.479Series 7
WolverineWolverine$24.99169%$67.34+$42.3523X-Men '97

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
WolverineWolverine217710-02-2017Vintage Series
WolverineStorm (Retro)131808-26-2019X-Men: Retro Collection
WolverineSpider Man101210-06-2017Vintage Series
WolverineBlack Widow98610-04-2017Vintage Series
WolverineGreen Goblin (Retro)96106-11-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverinePunisher War Machine92509-30-2019Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
WolverineAgent Anti Venom89207-18-2019Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
WolverineRogue (Retro)89202-08-2021X-Men: Retro Collection
WolverineSpider Man (Retro)83005-30-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverineElectro (Retro)82206-08-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverineKingpin (Retro)81708-27-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverinePunisher80710-13-2017Vintage Series
WolverineMysterio (Retro)74608-11-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverineGwen Stacy (Retro)72707-20-2020Spider Man: Retro Collection
WolverineGhost Rider & Motorcycle71902-01-2018Ultimate Riders
WolverineCaptain America68308-24-2017Series 1
WolverineProfessor X & Hover Chair67601-08-2019Ultimate Riders
WolverineThor66702-06-2020Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary
WolverineCaptain America & Crossbones64607-06-2018Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary
WolverineSymbiote Spider Man (Retro)63709-16-2021Spider Man: Retro Collection

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